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BYOD Security Check: Don’t Let a Smart Phone Take Out Your Whole Business

Do you have a BYOD security policy? You should ff you require your employees to use their own cell phone or tablet during the day or after hours to respond to business calls or emails. Do they choose to bring and use their own laptop instead of, or in addition to, their desktop computer? You’re […]

Why You Can’t Rest Easy In Your Digital Security World

The Heartbleed digital security flaw. The end of support for Windows XP. The Internet Explorer Zero-Day exploit. The Anthem Blue Cross data breach. There’s a brief media fanfare about cybersecurity each time something happens, but most of us don’t think we’re affected. Some of us are inconvenienced. A few horror stories make their way into […]

80% of Businesses WON’T Go Under After a Data Loss Disaster … But They Might Wish They Had

by J. Colin Petersen, President & CEO There’s an often quoted statistic that 80% of businesses go under after a data disaster. But that’s not what I worry about most. Despite living in California, I’m horrified each year at the destruction caused in the Midwest each year by tornadoes. As a second-generation Californian, I find it […]

Why SoakSoak is Dangerous, But Won’t Ruin Your Business Website

Originating through WordPress sites, it’s now affecting websites around the world. The large scale attack began on December 14, 2014, which takes advantage of a vulnerability in a WordPress plugin. Visiting an infected site can result in malicious software being downloaded to your computer.  It’s a very big deal if your site is down or if […]

Server Room Madness: Three Reasons Why Neatness Matters for Your Business Network

High tech server room

If you’ve got business computer repair and network problems, take a look at your server room. Isn’t what’s inside more important than how things look on the outside? Yes, when it comes to judging books and people. But when you’re a small business trying to decide if your computer technician is doing a good job, the outside […]

A Tech Tool We Use to Save Time and Make More Money

Plain ol’ Microsoft Outlook is an underappreciated tool. Basically, you get emails, you send emails. Nothing exciting to see here. Until you’ve got multiple departments, employees, projects and places to coordinate. We’re obsessed with productivity and leveraging our time at J – I.T. Outsource. You’d expect us to use very sophisticated and exotic software tools to […]

Why We Won’t Work on Your Computer

Not only will we not work on these PC’s, but when we come into your office, we’ll unplug them. How could a user-centric, full-service, proactive I.T. firm do this to a client? How could we not. These computers are running on Windows XP and that’s a serious problem. If you are a doctor’s office, dental […]

Three Ways Planning Our Launch Party Was a Metaphor for How We Do Business

I wanted to celebrate the completion of our new brand launch with a business party to thank our clients, celebrate our evolution and meet great new people. It was a success! At end of the evening, I and my team kicked our shoes off, sat down and let out big sighs of relief. The day […]

What On Earth Is “The Cloud?”


I’m getting this question a LOT. “The cloud, J.…what is ‘The cloud?’” “J., what’s all this about ‘going to the cloud?’” “And what do you, as a local IT service firm in Fresno know about it?” Discussions about so-called “cloud technologies” and “cloud-based applications” and just “the cloud” in general are really getting to the point […]