Modern web design, without a secure foundation?

Well-written code, without any design or branding?

A Strong website, without ongoing SEO marketing?


These are all scenarios for business failure on the internet… we’ve seen it happen over and over again.

You must have a site that not only looks great, but that also gets you found (and keeps you getting found), and that is built on a strong and secure foundation.

Wouldn’t it also be a bonus if the people you worked with were friendly, responsive, and professional? Our web design team lives here in Fresno and Clovis, so if you’re local, you can meet us in person and find out how much we care about your business. If you’re in the Central Valley, in California, or from further away, let’s use technology to get “face to face.” Either way, our Fresno web design firm wants to meet you.

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The Evolution from Web Development to Web Design to Digital Identity

Do you remember the early days of web design 1.0, when companies would scan their brochure and put it on a website as one giant, slow-loading .jpg image?

If they were more sophisticated, they had a few pages of pictures and information with basic SEO that was mainly keyword stuffing of their description and keyword meta tags.

It was a novelty to be on the internet. Having a website made a company look technologically advanced because it was all about code, and programming. The learning curve was high and the barriers were unfamiliar languages and technologies.

You were cool if you had a website. It was almost enough to just be there when others weren’t.

Then, it became more user friendly. Instead of text and links, images and design and color-schemes seemed to rule.

Geocities, and then WordPress made it possible for everyone to get online. Do-it-yourself website options brought websites to anyone whether they were a programmer or not.

All you needed was the ability to drag and drop to get your business online.

Now, everyone is on the internet.

Then things changed yet again. Sure, the DIY website option works if you’ve got a little hobby or fun site or blog.

But for real businesses, with plans for continued growth or who have serious competition, your digital presence must once again shift gears in order to keep you competitive.

You’ve probably had a site, or even several sites, over the years. Some of them probably looked great … for a while.

The one you have now probably looks… okay. But maybe your results just aren’t where they ought to be. Or, you used to get a lot more traffic but now that has really slowed down. Or it just isn’t going anywhere.

Design is not enough.

Too many web “design” companies have grown out of the democratization of the internet and have forgotten their code and programming roots. Or were started by designers who don’t have the deep development skills that it takes to build a fully-optimized, up-to-date, and secure website.

When you see sites that are broken, slow to load, or have been hacked, that’s when you know a site was built by a company that’s missing the programming site or it’s been left to fend for itself.

Either way, your website is in trouble.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that design is only the frosting on the cake, and that your site would do just fine as long as the foundation is there.

A hard-core, experienced designer is going to be involved in the site development process from the beginning because they’ll contribute extremely important ideas about the flow of the site and how to present the information in a way that is compelling, interesting, and engaging to your visitors.

All of our web design & development projects include:

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Once your website is completed, we highly recommend continuing to build your online presence, grow your site traffic, and develop a strong digital identity through:

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Search Engine Marketing

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