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Ransomware: How to Keep Cybercriminals from Kidnapping All your Files

Kidnappers Have All Your Business Data. Now What? The worst disasters always start with the most innocuous of beginnings. A raging wildfire starts from a tiny spark. A hurricane begins with a few clouds on the horizon. A system-wide, data-erasing viral ransomware infection begins with a simple popup message. Like the one you get when your anti-virus […]

Unbelievably Large Numbers from 2015’s Worst Cyber Security Breaches

76,000,000 Seventy-six million consumers. That’s a quarter of the population of the entire United States. Their information was compromised in just one of 2015’s worst cyber security breaches. 2015’s Worst Cyber Security Breaches are Hard to Believe It’s hard to wrap your head around such big numbers. But add up just the five breaches in this one […]

Hacked Website? How to Keep it From Becoming a Zombie Minion for Hackers & Cyber Thieves

by Max Sullivan, Web Developer and Beth Bridges, V.P. of Digital Identity Don’t Let Your Hacked Website Become a Cybercriminal’s Tool Do you think of website hacking as something like digital graffiti? It’s the online equivalent of someone spray-painting the high school marquee to say “Home of the Losers.” For example, in 2010, the Spanish Prime […]

3 Ways to Rescue Your I.T. Budget from Shiny Object Syndrome

“Dad, just because you’re spinning around, it doesn’t mean you’re in a disco.” It’s the kind of clever off-the-cuff comment I’ve come to expect from my eight-year-old son. We were watching some pretty silly commercials on the cartoon network but from his kid wisdom, he gave us all a great metaphor for a principal of running our businesses. […]

Costco Photo Breach Makes Us Wonder Who Cares About CyberSecurity

by J. Colin Petersen, President & CEO: Last summer, my wife went to the Costco website to upload photos of the kids to get prints for Grandma. Instead of a 3×5 of the flying waffle breakfast sandwich, she got a message that the site was unavailable. The 2015 Costco photo breach made us wonder who […]

The Security System Alarm That Cried “Wolf.” How to Manage in a Dangerous World Full of False Alarms.

“Errrt! Errrt! Errrt! This is a test. For the next sixty seconds, this station will conduct a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. It is only a test.” “Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!” “This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been an actual emergency, you’d have no idea what’s going on. Because you turn this off the […]

Making the Impossible Look Easy – I.T. Support-Style

Server migration is a massive project. It takes time, planning, and experience to get one done. Sometimes the project takes days … but seven server migrations in one night? Impossible. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” ~ Walt Disney David Xiong, our Vice President of Technology, agrees. He loves doing things with technology […]

Hillary Clinton Email: What This Epic IT Fail Teaches Us

The Hillary Clinton email story is an epic, ongoing “I told you so!” for every I.T. department or I.T. service that has said you should be changing your company passwords every three months. You wanted to pour coffee in his lap because you knew it was going to be a massive pain in the butt. You were going to lose control […]

Net Neutrality: Thank You, FCC, for Not Killing My Business

The Internet is a body of people. And they are speaking out on net neutrality. Good, bad or indifferent, it’s the most democraticforum we’ve ever had in the history of the world. All the people communicating all the time. Whether you love or hate the role it has taken in our society – and sometimes I do hate […]