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3 Ways to Rescue Your I.T. Budget from Shiny Object Syndrome

“Dad, just because you’re spinning around, it doesn’t mean you’re in a disco.” It’s the kind of clever off-the-cuff comment I’ve come to expect from my eight-year-old son. We were watching some pretty silly commercials on the cartoon network but from his kid wisdom, he gave us all a great metaphor for a principal of running our businesses. […]

Why You Can’t Rest Easy In Your Digital Security World

The Heartbleed digital security flaw. The end of support for Windows XP. The Internet Explorer Zero-Day exploit. The Anthem Blue Cross data breach. There’s a brief media fanfare about cybersecurity each time something happens, but most of us don’t think we’re affected. Some of us are inconvenienced. A few horror stories make their way into […]

Three Ways Planning Our Launch Party Was a Metaphor for How We Do Business

I wanted to celebrate the completion of our new brand launch with a business party to thank our clients, celebrate our evolution and meet great new people. It was a success! At end of the evening, I and my team kicked our shoes off, sat down and let out big sighs of relief. The day […]