Three Ways Planning Our Launch Party Was a Metaphor for How We Do Business

I wanted to celebrate the completion of our new brand launch with a business party to thank our clients, celebrate our evolution and meet great new people. It was a success! At end of the evening, I and my team kicked our shoes off, sat down and let out big sighs of relief. The day had come, our new brand was official and the launch party was over. We had enjoyed great food, excellent networking, and great entertainment. Afterwards, I thought it was interesting how the whole experience was a lot like the way we approach taking care of our clients IT support needs.


1) We Know Our Purpose

It was tempting to make that one party into a multi-stravaganza. “We’ll thank our clients, reveal our logo, present a product, include a speech, gather contact information…” No. Focus is the key to success. In parties and in business service planning. It’s why we don’t build websites, write apps or do other programming work. We’re a full-service I.T. firm, maintaining, monitoring and building networked computer systems for our clients.

Too many business events try to accomplish too many things and confuse attendees. They’re trying to do so many things that they don’t do any of them well. Don’t get me wrong, there are multiple benefits which are going to take place, over time, which you didn’t specifically plan for. Just like having a focused menu of IT services will also create additional benefits for clients, like greater productivity and savings.

2) We Live Our Image


The way you do anything is the way you do everything. We also sweat the details for our clients in making sure their networks are maintained to the highest degree. Why wouldn’t we do the same our office space? We literally sweated the details in cleaning and setting up our office for the event. I have an image of ourselves, especially with the new brand, and I wanted to make sure that showed.

I also wanted to visibly demonstrate our high-tech and high-touch approach. We highlighted our highly-skilled and deeply-trained technical staff through a prominent wall display of their certifications. Plus their office spaces are up front and have an average of 2.4 monitors per person, which looks cool.

3) We Extend Our Impact



Parties mean presents, so everyone received a party favor on their way out. It was the biggest budget line item, but we wanted to give our friends and clients something useful that would enhance their life and their business.

Which is also the way I see the work we do. We make your life better by making your computer network become something far more than just a bunch of glorified typewriters. I see technology as a tool which should be leveraged to make your business run better and make you more money. Your network and your I.T. service should be an investment which makes this happen. We don’t just keep the machines running, we show you how to leverage them and to make them work for you.

Unlike any local I.T. company I’ve seen here, we invest time and effort in giving our clients training and insight into how to use their networks better. You, too, can take advantage of this. Whether you’re a client or just interested in becoming more productive, you’re invited to our free, online webinar:

“Productivity Hacks: Using Tools You Already Own.” Wednesday, September 24th at 11 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. Free to attend, please register in advance at