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If He’d Really Wanted to Piss Off Whoville, He’d Have Knocked Out the WiFi

There was no crying in Whoville on Christmas morning even though the Grinch had taken their trains, candy canes, trees, lights, who-pudding and the entire feast – down to the last can of Who-hash! Despite the loss of all the trimmings of Christmas, they still stood and sang…joyfully.

Just Because You’re Spinning Around, Doesn’t Mean You’re in a Disco

It’s the kind of clever, off-the-cuff comment I’ve come to expect from my youngest son. He’s funny and wry and we were watching some pretty silly commercials on the cartoon network. But in his kid wisdom, when he said, “Just because you’re spinning around, doesn’t mean you’re in a disco,” he gave us all a […]

99.9% is Good Enough? Sure. Until It Isn’t.

down network end of world

They call it “Five 9’s.” Guess what? No one cares about 99.999% uptime anymore. Unless they want to fly safely, make money, or read reliable news. FIVE MINUTES AND 15 SECONDS of downtime a year. That’s what 99.999% reliability gives you. Just five minutes with no internet, five minutes without email, five minutes where the […]

Help! My Smart Home Technology Camouflaged Itself Again

Smart homes are popping up everywhere. Nowadays everything can become automated thanks to digital assistants. And more gadgets are being released everyday with the intention of automating different household appliances, chores, and security systems. Pretty much any device can be synced up through Smart Sockets, which are plug-in devices that communicate via WiFi. But there’s […]