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99.9% is Good Enough? Sure. Until It Isn’t.

down network end of world

They call it “Five 9’s.” Guess what? No one cares about 99.999% uptime anymore. Unless they want to fly safely, make money, or read reliable news. FIVE MINUTES AND 15 SECONDS of downtime a year. That’s what 99.999% reliability gives you. Just five minutes with no internet, five minutes without email, five minutes where the […]

Help! My Smart Home Technology Camouflaged Itself Again

Smart homes are popping up everywhere. Nowadays everything can become automated thanks to digital assistants. And more gadgets are being released everyday with the intention of automating different household appliances, chores, and security systems. Pretty much any device can be synced up through Smart Sockets, which are plug-in devices that communicate via WiFi. But there’s […]

Tapping into the Electrical Grids, Russian Style

Microsoft isn’t the only company actively protecting U.S. citizens from foreign hackers. Aside from the threat to the upcoming U.S. midterm elections, which Microsoft is handling with free cybersecurity applications, there is a likely chance of cyberattacks against U.S. electrical grids. But Xage, a blockchain-protected security platform for industrial IoT, has announced a new policy […]

Why Universities and Ride-Sharing Apps Are Ruining Our Productivity…

There are two types of businesses out there. Those who realize they have been hacked and those who don’t. Unfortunately, 76 universities and a handful of ride-sharing apps were in the “those who don’t know” category. But they’ve since been upgraded. Regrettably, the threat group acting against these universities wanted intellectual property from particular resources, […]

All the People Plan to DDoS KSI and Logan Paul. Free Pokémon Inside

Nowadays we stream everything: music, movies, television shows, mukbangs (the weird shows where you watch people eat food), video games, podcasts, and just YouTube videos in general. This media is always readily available as a result of various streaming services. And thanks to this age of technology, we’ve been able to stream Despacito 5.4 billion […]

Wireless Connectivity for Planes, Trains, and Submarines?

When travelling to a new place or simply walking into a coffee shop, we expect wireless communication to be readily available. This is a reality in most places. But even on commercial airplanes, wireless internet isn’t always offered for passengers. So, if we expect wireless connectivity 7 miles up in the sky, why not in […]