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There Go the Nerds and Their Giant Robots Again

This one is for all of us nerds out there. Those of you who grew up watching Voltron, Mobile Suit Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Space Runaway Ideon, Robotech, or any other animated show with giant robots, you’re about to geek-out. Since the commercial success of Star Wars, we’ve gotten to see a whole new world […]

Cheers! Robots Make Drinks Now

The busiest places, other than Disneyland Parks and Justin Bieber concerts, are likely cafés and bars, but technology is about to change that. Robotic baristas and bartenders are becoming a reality, and they probably will be taking your beverage orders in the future. Now, you might have a little skepticism about the combination of expensive […]

Stop Printing Your Private Information Away to Strangers

Amidst thousands of cybersecurity attacks, most of us don’t turn to our printers believing they might have turned against us (with the help of some hackers, of course). Maybe the occasional paper jam occurs, leaving us frustrated, but the reality is that we don’t suspect printers because they don’t seem technologically advanced enough to be […]

Now Entering the (Decision) Matrix…

third try is a charm. matrix writing photo

Are you tired of creating endless “to-do” lists that seem useless? Does your work flow get interrupted by additional small tasks you easily lose track of? Us too. But if you’re anything like us, you probably still need a way to visualize all your active tasks. So, why not separate them into “priority” categories? Not […]

Good Enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Robots

Purple Robots Good Enough

There’s nothing we love more than making stuff. Creating new gadgets out of old materials and figuring out ways to make them function is just the coolest. But you don’t have to take our word for it! There are plenty of people out there who have caught onto this trend. We, as the IT people […]