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What On Earth Is “The Cloud?”


I’m getting this question a LOT. “The cloud, J.…what is ‘The cloud?’” “J., what’s all this about ‘going to the cloud?’” “And what do you, as a local IT service firm in Fresno know about it?” Discussions about so-called “cloud technologies” and “cloud-based applications” and just “the cloud” in general are really getting to the point […]

Compassion – The Critical Component in Customer Service

I love great customer service, as you know. And if you really know me, you also understand just how personally I take great service. It’s because I really understand how important it is to knock your socks off; to be helpful; to be understanding; to be compassionate. Furthermore, even though I or my team may not get it […]

Passing The Buck – The Bain of Technical Support

I am constantly amazed at the absolute incompetence and disgusting attitude of most technical “support” people. Usually, these people are little more than human robots that only pick up the phone because they are paid to do so, and have little desire (let alone knowledge) to help you with your problem. They call themselves tech “support,” […]