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Don’t be a Ghost, Learn How to Post

social media

Social media has become the lifeblood of marketing and spreading cat videos. It started with the original intention of connecting friends and family, but this objective quickly changed. This platform became the center of business expansion, advertisement, and social media campaign strategies. In the recent year, social media became a huge topic of debate because […]

Yet Another “Productivity” Meeting

office productivity meeting huddle around computer

You are stuck in another meeting. Your coworker next to you is still stuck on Level 54 of Candy Crush Saga. And you? Well, you’re stuck with a stale Donut and another hour of this meeting. What even is the point of this? Actually, office meetings are a crucial part to running a business, because […]

One Heck of a Drone Deal!

drone on ground

Hacker stole U.S. military drone docs. There have been many large-scale hacks and data-breaches since the introduction of the World Wide Web that resulted in hackers gaining large sums of money, but some hackers are just not that clever anymore. In this case, a hacker who stole U.S. Military Drone Documents was only selling them […]