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6 Ways Your I.T. Support Has Too Much Control Over Your Network

it control

As the CEO, CTO, or owner of your business, you need to have a certain level of trust in your in-house computer guy or outsourced I.T. support company. At J –  I.T. Outsource, we know this is important, so our team works hard to earn our client’s trust by working in their best interests. We’ll even go […]

3 Ways to Rescue Your I.T. Budget from Shiny Object Syndrome

“Dad, just because you’re spinning around, it doesn’t mean you’re in a disco.” It’s the kind of clever off-the-cuff comment I’ve come to expect from my eight-year-old son. We were watching some pretty silly commercials on the cartoon network but from his kid wisdom, he gave us all a great metaphor for a principal of running our businesses. […]

Making the Impossible Look Easy – I.T. Support-Style

Server migration is a massive project. It takes time, planning, and experience to get one done. Sometimes the project takes days … but seven server migrations in one night? Impossible. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” ~ Walt Disney David Xiong, our Vice President of Technology, agrees. He loves doing things with technology […]

BYOD Security Check: Don’t Let a Smart Phone Take Out Your Whole Business

Do you have a BYOD security policy? You should ff you require your employees to use their own cell phone or tablet during the day or after hours to respond to business calls or emails. Do they choose to bring and use their own laptop instead of, or in addition to, their desktop computer? You’re […]

Why You Can’t Rest Easy In Your Digital Security World

The Heartbleed digital security flaw. The end of support for Windows XP. The Internet Explorer Zero-Day exploit. The Anthem Blue Cross data breach. There’s a brief media fanfare about cybersecurity each time something happens, but most of us don’t think we’re affected. Some of us are inconvenienced. A few horror stories make their way into […]

Server Room Madness: Three Reasons Why Neatness Matters for Your Business Network

High tech server room

If you’ve got business computer repair and network problems, take a look at your server room. Isn’t what’s inside more important than how things look on the outside? Yes, when it comes to judging books and people. But when you’re a small business trying to decide if your computer technician is doing a good job, the outside […]