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Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Agenda Just Got Even Busier

As the United States prepares for the midterm elections in November, Microsoft has some reassuring news for us. They are going to offer free cybersecurity applications and tools to political candidates, campaign organizations, and technology vendors, as long as they already use Office 365. Having already dealt with “espionage-related phishing attacks” this past year, Microsoft […]

Is Your I.T. Service Holding Your Network Prisoner?

it gate keeper

  Here’s a question you’ve probably never asked yourself about your I.T. service but will now probably keep you awake tonight (sorry). If your I.T. guy went away, would you know where all the passwords, data, software licenses and disks, key codes, and other important information were stored? And here are the follow-up questions that might […]

Should You Leave Your Computer on At Night or Turn It Off?

on and off

  We’re often asked by our clients and their team members if they should leave their computer on all the time or turn it off when they are not using them. Several years ago, we would have told them clients to turn their machines off to save power. But with the extreme proliferation of viruses, ransomware, and […]

3 Ways to Rescue Your I.T. Budget from Shiny Object Syndrome

“Dad, just because you’re spinning around, it doesn’t mean you’re in a disco.” It’s the kind of clever off-the-cuff comment I’ve come to expect from my eight-year-old son. We were watching some pretty silly commercials on the cartoon network but from his kid wisdom, he gave us all a great metaphor for a principal of running our businesses. […]

Making the Impossible Look Easy – I.T. Support-Style

Server migration is a massive project. It takes time, planning, and experience to get one done. Sometimes the project takes days … but seven server migrations in one night? Impossible. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” ~ Walt Disney David Xiong, our Vice President of Technology, agrees. He loves doing things with technology […]

Hillary Clinton Email: What This Epic IT Fail Teaches Us

The Hillary Clinton email story is an epic, ongoing “I told you so!” for every I.T. department or I.T. service that has said you should be changing your company passwords every three months. You wanted to pour coffee in his lap because you knew it was going to be a massive pain in the butt. You were going to lose control […]

BYOD Security Check: Don’t Let a Smart Phone Take Out Your Whole Business

Do you have a BYOD security policy? You should ff you require your employees to use their own cell phone or tablet during the day or after hours to respond to business calls or emails. Do they choose to bring and use their own laptop instead of, or in addition to, their desktop computer? You’re […]

Three Ways Planning Our Launch Party Was a Metaphor for How We Do Business

I wanted to celebrate the completion of our new brand launch with a business party to thank our clients, celebrate our evolution and meet great new people. It was a success! At end of the evening, I and my team kicked our shoes off, sat down and let out big sighs of relief. The day […]