Unbelievably Large Numbers from 2015’s Worst Cyber Security Breaches


Seventy-six million consumers. That’s a quarter of the population of the entire United States. Their information was compromised in just one of 2015’s worst cyber security breaches.

2015’s Worst Cyber Security Breaches are Hard to Believe

It’s hard to wrap your head around such big numbers. But add up just the five breaches in this one infographic. More than 173,893,860 records were compromised. That’s one record for every two people in the United States.

These are some of the most spectacular examples, of course. They represent only very large organizations. They don’t include smaller breaches or anything that wasn’t reported. So don’t think this can’t possibly be relevant for a small business?

Despite these gargantuan numbers, small businesses and non-profits are actually favorite targets for cyber thieves because they are so much easier to hack!

You can boggle over these numbers in silence. Or share the infographic. Then be sure to reach out to your I.T. department or your technology support provider and find out if you or your small business is at risk!