A Tech Tool We Use to Save Time and Make More Money

Plain ol’ Microsoft Outlook is an underappreciated tool. Basically, you get emails, you send emails. Nothing exciting to see here. Until you’ve got multiple departments, employees, projects and places to coordinate.

We’re obsessed with productivity and leveraging our time at J – I.T. Outsource. You’d expect us to use very sophisticated and exotic software tools to get this done. We do have some of those programs especially for monitoring your servers and email—they’re expensive and powerful. But we also use

what’s practical and available if it gets the job done.

Outlook is a powerful productivity suite once you begin exploring all its features. Microsoft wants you to get good at it so they’ve put together very useful tutorials which you can find at

How do we use Outlook?

By using the calendar to create meetings – especially useful when there are several people to coordinate. Blocking out time for vital IPA’s (income-producing activities).
By using the Contact Manager to connect to our personal social media accounts and build relationships further by connecting online.
By checking the People Pane (below each message) to see a history of emails and meetings you’ve had with that contact.

Our technical staff gets automatic alerts which come from our custom client request management software. It’s a constant stream of alerts, requests and to-do’s. It takes serious dedication to manage that stream of information. Do most of your “to-do’s” and actionable items come to you via email? Why not manage it right within that same program using “Tasks?”

Multiply the Power with HE

Tie your Outlook skills together and massively boost your with capacity by adding Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Now you’re creating a more productive environment for yourself and your entire team. Exchange saves time and money because all the information – emails, contacts, calendar invites – comes to and from a central location. This is vital if you work from home or from your phone. If you change something on one device, it updates on other devices. You’ll sync all your messages – including not seeing deleted items again.

The average office worker spends 28% of their time – over 11 hours a week – on email. If you spend just 5% of that time coordinating and updating emails you took care of at home or on the phone, you’ve spent 29 hours this year on completely redundant tasks. Have ten employees doing the same thing? Now you’ve wasted over a month’s worth of company time in a year.

Save time and make more money by leveraging Outlook to the fullest by learning its productivity tools and using your Hosted or Local Exchange.

Need to get on MS Exchange? We handle that locally. Call us at (559) 485-4335 to get your business started.