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Hacked Websites? How to Keep them From Becoming Zombie Minions for Hackers & Cyber Thieves

hacked website

Hacked Websites? How to Keep them From Becoming Zombie Minions for Hackers & Cyber Thieves by Max Sullivan, Web Developer and Beth Bridges, V.P. of Digital Identity Don’t Let Hacked Websites Become a Cybercriminal’s Tool Do you think of website hacking as something like digital graffiti? It’s the online equivalent of someone spray-painting the high school […]

SEO, Web Design, and the Deep Blue Ocean: Why Your Website is Getting Eaten by Sharks

SEO text ocean with sharks

Trying to get your website found on the internet is like swimming in the ocean. You’re a tiny speck in a massive environment that is always in motion. You think you’ve explored SEO and web design – or the ocean – but the majority of it is unexplained. There are dangers lurking under the surface.  […]

Lipstick on a Pig: That’s a Web Design Company Without a Real Developer

lipstick on a pig

A web development company without a programmer is like a home-builder without an architect. A train without an engineer. A rebel without a clue. All those designers and help desk guys are going to make your stuff look great, but you’re never going to be certain if anything is really running on a sound foundation. […]

Virtual Private Server for All Our Website Clients

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Have you heard of Virtual Private Server Hosting? It’s the high-end, top-of-the-line version of website hosting versus shared hosting which is what you get with GoDaddy, BlueHost, and other web companies. Yes, it can be cheap, but you get limited bandwidth, your performance can be affected by other sites on that shared server, and there can be security problems. […]

J – I.T. Outsource Acquires Fresno Web Design Firm ARTCO


AR Technologies Company, Inc. is now “ARTCO by J.” On April 1st, 2015, our organization made another leap in growth by purchasing AR Technologies, formerly known as ARTCO, now “ARTCO by J.” Founded in 1993 by Rod Silver, ARTCO is, to the best of our knowledge, the longest-existing web design and development firm in Fresno, […]