Virtual Private Server for All Our Website Clients

virtual private server

Have you heard of Virtual Private Server Hosting?

It’s the high-end, top-of-the-line version of website hosting versus shared hosting which is what you get with GoDaddy, BlueHost, and other web companies. Yes, it can be cheap, but you get limited bandwidth, your performance can be affected by other sites on that shared server, and there can be security problems.

In contrast, VPS Hosting puts you in an “exclusive neighborhood” on a private server. You get a hugeamount of space and rarely have to worry about bandwidth, you can easily scale your site, it’s not subjected to possible virus and security issues by sharing with who-knows-what kind of sites, and you get a dedicated system administrator taking care of your server.

The downside is that it can run up to $100+ per month (on GoDaddy Windows hosting with limited bandwidth and storage).

Still, it’s the gold standard of hosting. Wouldn’t you like to host your site on a VPS if you could afford it?

As a J – Digital Identity client, get this level of hosting when we build their site. It’s one of the benefits to being acquired by an innovative and creative technology firm.