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Just Because You’re Spinning Around, Doesn’t Mean You’re in a Disco

It’s the kind of clever, off-the-cuff comment I’ve come to expect from my youngest son. He’s funny and wry and we were watching some pretty silly commercials on the cartoon [...] [...]

The Road to Hell is Paved with Your Employees’ Best of Intentions

While we don’t want to have a stranglehold on your employees or the tools they use, we do want you to know what the pros and cons are and how using the [...]

Are the Machines Actually Taking Over?

I’m still not too worried about killer robots quite yet, but as a Business Technologist, it puts me in an interesting position. [...]

Technology Roadmap for the Future

Look, I might wait and see how quantum computing works out before I recommend it to my clients, but upgraded operating systems, better networking tools, and new server platforms are not radically [...]

I.T. Support is Like What Actual Intergalactic Exploration Would Be Like

The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise weren’t soldiers, or space pilots, or builders. They were knowledge workers. People who are paid to think and solve problems for a living. Just like people [...]

Dog Food, $85 Socks, and Other Cockamamie Upsells You Should Avoid

You don’t want us to sell footwear, pet care, or emergency repair. You want us to be very, very good at doing what we do which is supporting the core technologies that [...]

Forget Tesla. How about the New LEGO Bugatti?

They promote innovation, engineering, and creativity. They’re multi-colored. They hurt like heck when you step [...]

All the People Plan to DDoS KSI and Logan Paul. Free Pokémon Inside

Nowadays we stream everything: music, movies, television shows, mukbangs (the weird shows where you watch [...]

These New Biped Robots are a Bunch of Airheads

We aren’t sure where it came from or what its purpose is. Heck, we don’t [...]

There Go the Nerds and Their Giant Robots Again

This one is for all of us nerds out there. Those of you who grew [...]

Good Enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Robots

There’s nothing we love more than making stuff. Creating new gadgets out of old materials [...]

Ocean Robots are Cool, Foreshore.

Ocean exploration just received a big upgrade, a technology upgrade that is. These new robots [...]