Forget Tesla. How about the New LEGO Bugatti?

They promote innovation, engineering, and creativity. They’re multi-colored. They hurt like heck when you step on them and are a choking hazard for those 5 and under. What are we talking about? Why, it’s Legos® of course. 86 years after their initial founding, they’ve finally created the most difficult and time-consuming Lego kit. With a whopping 1 million Lego pieces, 2,304 motors, 4,032 gear wheels, and 2,016 axles, this Lego Bugatti Chiron replica is hands-down the coolest Lego project to date. So, let’s nerd-out a little bit and check out the specs of this super (slow) sports car.

Speed Limit: 18 MPH

This 1.5-ton car is the product of 13,500 hours of work and lots of coffee. The budget for this project was $2.6 million, where an actual Bugatti Chiron is $2.5 million in price; however, this car is considered a bit more “fragile” than an actual Bugatti. But it’s probably because it’s made of only Legos and not a single drop of glue. We can just imagine someone turning a corner too quickly and then accidentally leaving half the car behind. Unfortunately, the top speed of the car is 18 miles per hour to prevent that from occurring. And the motors they use are in fact Lego motors which probably can’t reach the 261 miles per hour actual Bugattis can hit. There’s no fast or furious in this car…

The actual fabrication of the car is where it got complicated for engineers. Lego actually had to develop a new tool in order to create a Lego ‘fabric’ to cover the car, since glue wasn’t an option. And what’s even cooler is that the exterior of the car was designed entirely off memory and pictures of an actual Bugatti Chiron. There was no step-by-step Lego kit for this one. At one point they considered putting on dampers, springs, and proper suspension, but they just didn’t have enough space to work with underneath the vehicle.

Plus, the 24 motor packs, which contained 96 Lego motors in each, only amounted to 68 lb./ft. of torque. And there’s no accelerator pedal. There’s a potentiometer which determines voltage levels to accelerate and an electromagnetic clutch to disconnect, acting as the break system. Just don’t overvolt the motors or you’ll burn them right out of the car and have no power.

From Your Lego Car to Your Lego House

So, where’s the best place to park your Lego Bugatti? Why, your Lego house of course! Located in Billund, Denmark, this 12,000-square foot home is the dream vacation for all children, nerds, and IT guys. The location is equipped with 25 million Legos and you will accidentally step on all of them. Be sure to bring slippers and wear them at all times or your fun vacation could quickly turn into a nightmare. But, if you are equipped with the proper footwear, you could just relax and watch The Lego Movie on your Lego couch in your Lego house after driving home in your Lego car. Maybe even play with some Legos? It’s just a thought.

The Official LEGO House

3… 2… 1… LEGO!

Aside from the immeasurable pain of stepping on Legos, they’re pretty awesome. And they just keep getting cooler. They’ve got Star Wars sets, Voltron Legendary Defender kits, and so many others to just totally geek-out on. Who knows what they’ll tackle next? We’re secretly hoping that they are going to try and make a Lego pirate ship! No, like…a real one.

Image Credit: Lego & Pixabay