All the People Plan to DDoS KSI and Logan Paul. Free Pokémon Inside

Nowadays we stream everything: music, movies, television shows, mukbangs (the weird shows where you watch people eat food), video games, podcasts, and just YouTube videos in general. This media is always readily available as a result of various streaming services. And thanks to this age of technology, we’ve been able to stream Despacito 5.4 billion times. What a time to be alive. But now, there’s something bigger (and not necessarily better). A boxing match between two YouTubers, KSI and Logan Paul, promises to be the most watched event in streaming history. The projected number of people watching this fight all at once is 22 million, and they’re each paying $10 to stream it. That’s a lot of dough, but we’re more interested in the amount of bandwidth this is going to require.

The Logistics

Data usage for this fight is going to be off the charts. Based on the estimated 22M viewers, a standard definition (SD) quality video is going to consume 255,200 GB per minute. But hold on to your hats internet providers, because an ultra-high definition quality video (UHD or 4K) is going to use up roughly 2,640,000 GB per minute. That would be 2.64 petabytes of data per minute for all you nerds out there. And a lot of cash for all the internet providers.

Despite the fact that this wrestling match is meant to settle a feud between two YouTubers, it has garnered the attention of actual professional wrestlers. They’ve been involved in their trainings and press conferences, all of which has accumulated millions of views as they were streamed and officially posted. It will be interesting to see if (or should we say when) the stream crashes on August 25th from everyone DDoSing the YouTube server.

Nerd TV

Another popular streaming service is Twitch, where pretty much anyone can live broadcast what they’re doing. We’ve just found out that they will be streaming all 932 episodes of Pokémon, along with its 16 movies. This is awesome. Although Twitch hasn’t released a full schedule for this extensive marathon, it will begin at 10AM August 27th (yes, a Monday) and continue into 2019. Considering that it would take 14.68125 days (here’s the math behind that) to watch EVERYTHING Pokémon, they are going to spread out these hundreds of episodes for a few months. Huh, now this kind of just sounds like watching cable television… But if you’re anything like me, you’re in it to win it. You’ll wait for every episode to re-air because you’ve just gotta catch em’ all.

Just Keep Streaming?

Streaming is convenient. We no longer have to sit and wait for content to download before viewing it, which is awesome, until the internet goes out. But we can help you with that! We’re excited to see if the bandwidth record will be broken or if all the technology itself is going to break on August 25th. Either way, it’s definitely a plus for us IT guys. So, don’t stop streaming; hold on to that feeling, streetlights, people, and instant media!

Image Credits: Pixabay & Devianart