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Whale, There’s Sand Robots Now…

sand on beach

Whale, There’s Sand Robots Now… ​If you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you bring with you? A book? Maybe a cell phone? How about a robot that can write in the sand for you? Sounds pretty helpful! Ivan Miranda, a creator and Youtuber from Spain, has constructed a “printing” robot towrite messages […]

Finally, a Robot that can Fold Laundry and Fix Adulting Forever

folded clothes

Sophie’s Situation The predicament of adulting in my life is laundry. I LOATHE laundry. If I had a laundry robot, all I would ask it to do is fold my clothes right-side out. It doesn’t have to separate by color or type of clothing item. I don’t care how loud it is, how much space […]

Potholes Suck. Just Add Drones.

potholes filled with drones

Youtubers use them; dads want them, and road construction engineers are making them. Have you figured out what we’re talking about? Drones! Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones have become the latest craze for filmmaking, scientific research, journalism, and pothole filling? Yep, you heard us correctly! Researchers from the U.K. have just unveiled their […]