Coffee Tech: The Right Mix of Caffeine and Data Analytics Keeps You Alert at Work, Discuss

coffee tech

Disclaimer: Coffee consumed during the creation of this article was within the recommended daily allowance. No Sophias were harmed in the making.

There’s nothing better than starting off the morning with a great cup of coffee, or two, maybe three, sometimes four, but probably not five. What we’re getting at is, coffee prevails as both a tasty drink and the leading stimulant to counteract tiredness. However, a vast majority of the time we believe we need more caffeine than we actually do. Recent studies by the U.S. army show that most Americans drink 65% more coffee than they should! Why is that such a big deal? Well, too much coffee means too much caffeine in your body system, which can lead to some bigger health issues. Too much caffeine can cause increased anxiety, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and fatigue, just to name a few. Wait – fatigue?! All that coffee you are drinking is making you more tired? Bummer! Let’s learn what it takes to create a coffee intake strategy to keep our minds, bodies, and spirits happy, so our productivity can soar!

The study began with the intent of strategizing coffee intake through an automated optimization program. Even though it sounds complicated, we promise you it’s not! Optimal coffee intake is not just about how much caffeine you should consume, but also about what time of day is the best for coffee drinking! The result of this research is scattered, but this new algorithm should fix the issue by creating your own personal coffee schedule! Think about how magnificent this would be. Having an excuse to drink coffee throughout the day sounds good to us.

So, what goes into determining a coffee strategy? As of now, 2B-Alert, the program created by the Biotechnology HPC Software Applications Institute, has the user enter a sleep/wake schedule and their typical caffeine intake for each day. Once manually entered, the program can assess the effects of your sleep schedule and caffeine consumption, redesign your schedules to optimize alertness, and generate a testable hypothesis based on the information. Although entering the information might be a little tedious, the website provides users with an in-depth manual to assist with data interpretation and determining how much caffeine is in popular products. Good news, coffee ice cream is on the lower end of the caffeine list; therefore, you automatically can eat more! Probably not, but if you skip strong coffee for the day and want to substitute it with a little coffee ice cream, then that’s within the recommended daily caffeine allowance! The ability to optimize caffeine use is coming soon on 2B-Alert to combat sleep loss with proper caffeine intake. Just because we’re feeling sluggish does not mean our productivity has to as well!

Earlier we talked about some side effects of too much coffee and caffeine, but it is equally important to talk about the health benefits of coffee. There is way more than a temporary energy boost! Coffee drinkers have increased protection against, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, Parkinson’s, and heart disease. Plus, the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that workers and workplaces who consume coffee tend to have greater participation in group activities and more positive views about themselves and their coworkers. Daily productivity pairs well with a good ol’ cup of joe!

Coffee can become a healthy part of peoples’ diet and there is no harm in consuming it, but the key is moderation! Technology is available now for you to go and learn more about how to optimize your caffeine intake. Take advantage of it! Your mind, body, spirit, and coworkers will thank you!