Technology Helps You Get “Back” to a Healthier You

posture at work

Are you tired of bad posture, but also don’t want to do anything to fix it? Don’t worry, because you’re not alone! New technology is here to annoy you back to good health! Devices such as the UPRIGHT GO and LED chairs will vibrate your back or flash lights when you slouch! After twenty minutes that would annoy us enough to have better posture!

better posture for computer

What are the benefits of good posture?

Good posture is more than just reducing back pain. Proper posture can improve lung capacity and breathing abilities by up to 30%, as well as improve mood, optimism, and energy levels! By making you feel better, you also look better! Confidence is king, and posture directly reflects your state of mind to others!

The inside of your body will thank you too! Good posture keeps your organs in their natural positions and allows for your gastrointestinal system to function properly. Unfortunately, 31 million Americans suffers from back pain at any given time, leading to more serious spinal issues later for them. The road to fixing your posture could be long and tiresome, but just crack a few puns and you’ll be SPINE!

UPRIGHT GO: Alignment for you body, mind, and soul

Upright Technology’s mission is to “continue to educate the public about the importance of sitting and standing with correct upright posture,” and they have released two products amongst the line of posture trainers. The UPRIGHT GO is a simple device placed on the back of the neck using adhesive pads and will give you real-time feedback about your posture through vibrations. Plus, your coworkers can prank you by pressing the button on the device to change your settings every ten minutes! The small box pairs with your smartphone, either Apple of Android, to track your progress and create personalized training plans. These aren’t like athletic training plans! No one is asking you to run! Instead, these training plans schedule out the periods of the day where you can and can’t slouch. The key is to just stay on top of your schedule and never look BACK! To top it off, this is one of the only electronic posture correctors to be able to give you feedback while sitting, standing, driving, or walking. They’ve got your BACK with this product!

Posture Police Chairs: Teaching good posture through games and flashing lights!


CAD rendering of stools and game table provided by © Fraunhofer IAO

Now, what’s up with these LED stools that combat back pain? Each stool is outfitted with many different sensors and lights to give its occupier color-coded feedback regarding the way they are seated! After the researchers created the seats, they decided to take this project to the next level. They created a two-player game table, which is operated by changing the weight distribution on the stools by each player! Incorporating the classic computer game Pong, researchers were able to determine that balanced movements brought about higher concentration, productivity, and social interaction amongst their office. Picture this. It’s a Tuesday afternoon and your entire office is in an epic battle of Pong, including your boss. You may have a huge BACKlog of work, but the office stress levels are at an all-time low! Worth it.

How can you get these LED chairs and game tables? At the moment the company has no plans for commercialization, but they intend to openly distribute the instructions, software, and CAD files to encourage others to rebuild their creation! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to build the ultimate game table and posture corrector!

Time to take that weight off your shoulders!

You may think that it’s time to get rid of your spine. It’s done nothing but hold you BACK all these years. However, this new technology will help you feel great again! Today is a better day than ever to start the journey to good posture.

You will feel great and you will look great. Your productivity will soar because your breathing and alignment will improve. Finally, you will feel confident and ready to take on whatever challenge is thrown your way! It is time to feel less like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and more like some other fictional character with great posture!