Stop Wasting Time in the Car! Own That Commute!

commuting to work

It’s Monday morning.

Your coffee has already found its way onto your crisp, white shirt and now you have nothing to drink on your commute to work. It’s a classic case of the Monday blues. What now? Traffic, that’s what. You’ve got thirty minutes in the car, so what can YOU do to hype yourself up for work or alleviate some stress before stepping into the office? Surprisingly, the answer is a lot. There are dozens of ways to boost the productivity of a daily commute and we’ve found that through planning the day or learning something new, our daily stress levels have gone significantly down!

A great way to set yourself up for a more organized and focused day is by creating a detailed to-do list or fine-tuning a list you already have. On both Android and IOS devices, the app, Evernote, uses a voice recording function to write lists down for you to share with other mobile devices or computers. In addition, the free app Dragon Dictation will also write down your lists as you speak, but it also gives you the option to take notes of any kind! Just make sure you’re using single button activation or your voice assistant to access the app. Don’t want any distracted drivers out there! Hey, why not Uber to work and get the benefit of multitasking with an on-demand chauffeur at the wheel?

Another great way to make use of your time on your way to work is by clearing emails. Now I know what you’re thinking. How am I supposed to be able to be on my phone and driving at the same time? Don’t worry! The year is 2018 and, of course, we have an app for that! ASAM, by AgileSpeech, is a free app that will read your emails aloud, word-for word. This application will also include any disclaimers, signatures, and other information you might’ve skipped otherwise. Once a full email is read to you out loud, a ding will follow, and you can choose to either respond or delete the email without needing to look at your phone!

If music isn’t your preference during a commute, try a podcast! There are thousands of daily podcasts ranging from reviews on new technology to cooking shows to step-by-step mysteries. There’s something out there for everyone! Podcasts are also a great way to get your brain running in the morning by teaching you something new and a helpful tool to relieve stress by providing comedic relief on your way home. In addition, if you love reading but never seem to be able to find the time to sit down and relax, audiobooks might be a useful method to put you in positive mood before work! Audible is a widely received application because of it’s extensive selection of books; however, our advice is to stay away from books such as Old Yeller on your way to work. Although a book of grand literary merit, it might not put you into a “positive” attitude when going into the office! While we’re at it, the morning news – hint: it’s all bad. Maybe try a leadership or self-motivation book? See? Life’s looking up already.

By planning your day before it happens or educating yourself with a great book, your daily commute can become a part of the day that you look forward to! Feeling great when you get to and from the office can be easy when you know all the different (productive!) methods to fill your time in the car.