Here’s the Technology for a Successful School Year

The school supply section of Target is buzzing with people again and you know what that means. School is just around the corner! Along with all the notebooks, pencils, book-covers, pens, and colorful erasers you might be buying this season, we want you to think about adding some helpful technology and antivirus software to your list. In today’s modern school setting, technology has become a staple in education. But don’t worry, because there are affordable alternatives in every category of device!

The Best (and Most Useful) Tech

An Apple MacBook Computer

The new school year is upon us and it is time to get equipped with all the right technology. Because of the heavier workload, older students are more likely to need a computer system for several hours a time, which means computers should be durable and long-lasting. Based on what specifications are required of each student, there is a wide range of highly rated laptops on the price spectrum. Acer Spin 1 is a 2-in-1 laptop that has the capability turn into a tablet and it is currently on sale at $306. The size of this computer makes it easy to transport and carry throughout the school day. For those Mac shoppers out there, the Apple MacBook Pro (2017) is highly rated for its updated processor and price drop, down to $1,300. Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft, and Dell computers are also recommended brands and you can check out their highlighted student products here. Computers are great tools, but they aren’t the only piece of tech that might help your student out.

There are tablets targeted for kids of any age, even kindergarteners! The Nabi Elev-8 Tablet is drop friendly and holds over 16,000 Common Core Standard lessons. And then there’s the Amazon Fire, which has access to over 15,000 books and educational apps for young, elementary school readers. Both of these tablets have parental controls and can be set up to have time limits on device activity. Of course, there are more complex tablets capable of transferring emails, documents, in-class notes, and other projects for middle-school students and higher. Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tablets are among the highest rated for older students.

Kindle Fire tablet by Amazon

So, here’s the big question. Are smartphones, computers, or tablets the best choice for students? They all have their benefits; however, computers tend to have the most options for students. Many junior high and high school teachers utilize smartphones though to take online quizzes and conduct in-class activities. So, the best method of learning what technology is right for you and your student is by communicating with their teachers or with the school librarians! Many schools have options for students to check out tablets, calculators, and books, of course. But there’s one thing that’s more important than the tech you buy your student, and that is the antivirus protection that goes with it.

The Flu Shot for Computers – Antivirus Protection!

What’s even better than good antivirus protection for computers? Free antivirus protection! There are three malware protecting programs highly rated for computers according to PC Magazine. The third choice is Kaspersky Free, which offers “full-scale malware protection that gets perfect scores from the independent labs,” as well as, AVG AntiVirus, ranked as the number two choice. AVAST’s free antivirus is rated as the number one software, containing over eight features to inspect wireless network connections, detect computer viruses, and protect passwords. AVAST also offers two other computer antivirus software for an annual fee, as well as security for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. In most cases, Android devices don’t require antivirus protection to be installed, because a phone or tablet is more likely to be stolen than hacked remotely. That being said, Android viruses do exist, but there really isn’t a chance of anyone being able to even accidentally download malware due to the Google Play default settings.

The Technology Footprint

The implementation of technology within the education system is extremely beneficial for both teachers and students, because it engages students, promotes self-growth, encourages group effort, and prepares students for the real world. Plus, technology provides district IT guys with an income! Let’s make this school year awesome by keeping our technology working and secured.