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One Heck of a Drone Deal!

drone on ground

Hacker stole U.S. military drone docs. There have been many large-scale hacks and data-breaches since the introduction of the World Wide Web that resulted in hackers gaining large sums of money, but some hackers are just not that clever anymore. In this case, a hacker who stole U.S. Military Drone Documents was only selling them […]

Phishing Scammers Using Hurricane Matthew to Steal Your Money, Data, & Life

scammer road sign warning

Disasters such as Hurricane Matthew bring out the best in people – and the worst. Unfortunately, the phishing scammers, schemers, and con-artists – the worst – use events like this to take advantage of the best. Phishing scams are the new form of fraud in the digital age. Don’t let your good nature leave you […]

Hacked Website? How to Keep it From Becoming a Zombie Minion for Hackers & Cyber Thieves

by Max Sullivan, Web Developer and Beth Bridges, V.P. of Digital Identity Don’t Let Your Hacked Website Become a Cybercriminal’s Tool Do you think of website hacking as something like digital graffiti? It’s the online equivalent of someone spray-painting the high school marquee to say “Home of the Losers.” For example, in 2010, the Spanish Prime […]

Costco Photo Breach Makes Us Wonder Who Cares About CyberSecurity

by J. Colin Petersen, President & CEO: Last summer, my wife went to the Costco website to upload photos of the kids to get prints for Grandma. Instead of a 3×5 of the flying waffle breakfast sandwich, she got a message that the site was unavailable. The 2015 Costco photo breach made us wonder who […]