Why isn’t your current IT Guy protecting you against…

Your average I.T. person simply isn’t qualified, and doesn’t know the right technologies to implement. And even if he says he does, he doesn’t typically know how to implement them, or how to prove to you that the strategies are actually working. This is of particular importance for those organizations that handle any sensitive data such as credit card and financial information, medical records (or serve clients who have medical records), or that simply want to avoid having their bank account wiped out due to a cyber-attack.

So how do you stop your employees from following the impulse to click on every email link, visit any site, or fall for any click bait online, opening up their desktop PC (and your business) to malware?

Simple – J Secure.

Protect your system from the good (or even bad) intentions of your employees who open junk email and visit websites they shouldn’t.

J Secure puts in place a unified threat management program so you always have safeguards in place. This process is extremely important if you want to simplify and reduce the workload involved in protecting your client records, financial information, confidential communications, or company data from becoming sold and resold by identity thieves.

Plus – Every J Secure client receives a complete Disaster Recovery Plan that takes the guesswork out of protecting your valuable data. This free plan is included with J Secure, and it details everything you need to put in place so that you can be certain your records, documents, and other irreplaceable business information is protected from all kinds of disasters including fire, flood, server failures, and viruses. If you worry about ransomware – with J Secure, you can tell those thieves to shove off because your data will be protected.

Key Features

User Authentication
+ Encryption Services



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Firewall Management & Monitoring

Keeps those “gremlins and bad guys” from getting in
Continuous monitoring of your firewall to ensure constant protection
Increased network security through monitoring network traffic

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Monitoring and policing of all inbound and outbound traffic to the network
Alerts you to signs of internal misuse or intrusion
Detects vulnerabilities and intrusions that a firewall may miss

Intrusion detection prevention
Content Filtering

Content Filtering

Monitoring of usage on the web
Keeps staff from going to websites they shouldn’t
Analytics to show who is going where online

Virus & Malware Management

Proper configuration and installation of antivirus applications
Customized emergency response plan in case of a virus outbreak
Continuous monitoring of antivirus software and equipment
Special protections against crypto viruses, aka “ransomware”

Virus Malware

User Authentication & Encryption Services

Administrative control of user logins
Prevent unauthorized modification or destruction of company information
Additional protection of your sensitive information

Security Training

Enables an organization to create and enforce usage policies
Allows administrators to use training to strengthen staff awareness
Effective training is the #1 one factor in avoiding infections and breaches

Security Training