Robin Letim, Help Desk Technician

Robin enjoys a good challenge.  It’s one of the things that makes him a valuable member of the J –  I.T. Outsource family.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Information Systems from CSU Fresno as well as several years’ experience in the information systems industry. His experience working in on-call support for dental practices – a highly technical and time-sensitive industry – as well as working as a technical support manager in an educational setting has given him the ability to stay calm under pressure.

So Robin is adept at troubleshooting tech problems on the fly while working hard to make the process easy on the clients. Like any good help desk technician, he’s a bit of a jack-of-all trades. He knows operating systems and software quite well, plus he knows a bit about servers, mobile devices, coding, and other bits and pieces.

Don’t let his tech expertise fool you, though. He’s thoughtful and customer-oriented, which means he’s also team-oriented. In addition to his technical knowledge, Robin enjoys spending time with video, photography, and media production, as well as games and literature.  In his spare time, he has been a volunteer sports coach and has been a basketball referee. Robin also co-directs a television talk show with a friend and has co-founded an upcoming media production company, Xamora Productions.

Besides being an AV club geek, he’s also a big SciFi and comic book fan. He may or may not admit to having traveled back in time to influence his parents to name him Robin, so he could be the #ModernBoyWonder.