Max Sullivan, Systems Engineer

For a guy who likes the ever-changing nature of the web and I.T. businesses, Max Sullivan has a long history of stability and commitment. He married his high school sweetheart, Amy. Fifteen years later, they are still married and have two boys, Joshua and Matthew. He began his web development career with ARTCO and saw the company through two office moves and all the wild growth and change in the industry.

His AA degree is in Electronic Technology. He knows a bit of C++, C#, Visual Basic and Java, all programming languages, but is fluent in – and spends most of his time working in – web specific languages like PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and frameworks such as jQuery and Bootstrap. When we would peek over his shoulder, it looked like Max was working in the matrix. We’re careful to slowly unplug him when it’s time to go home or have lunch.

In May of 2016, Max made the transfer from web development into the tech team and is now a Systems Engineer.

When he’s not programming the databases, structures, and interactive functions of your websites or working on networks and servers, Max likes programming. He dabbles with Unity 3d, a development tool for creating games. Each summer he does a video game project with his sons. Max wants them to understand what goes into making games. He says it’s given them an appreciation for the work designers and developers do.

Last summer they wrote “Flappy Chicken.” A take on Flappy Birds with a bit of Minecraft thrown in. Max is proud of the boys because they did almost all the graphic work, helped program it, and determined how the game play would go. It’s been published and you can get it in Google Play store at

And, to prove that he is capable of unplugging, Max enjoys hiking and takes his family to the mountains, Yosemite, and other national parks as often as possible.