Josh Lipschitz, Senior Engineer

Josh grew up as part of the first wave of modern I.T. experts. He began working with computer in third grade, started managing his high school computer network while in school, and got his first professional computer job in 1996. He’s been working in technology ever since.

His list of certifications would be long and tedious for a non-technician, but it includes every major Microsoft certification available, network certifications, and several other major vendor-specific certification for networks and virtual servers.  He continues to collect them at a rapid pace event now.

He has worked on virtualization, email, Storage Area Networks (SAN), documentation, project management, Linux, VoIP, scripting, and enterprise networking. Not the kind where you report to Captain Kirk – the kind where you’re managing very large, complicated business networks.

And before his impressive list of skills and certifications make him sound like there’s no room for a life, he’s got plenty of old school geek hobbies. Josh has played World of Warcraft for so long that he got an award from Blizzard Entertainment and he reads science fiction when he’s not reading technical manuals. He’s also an  and volunteer treasurer for his son’s Cub Scout pack because he enjoys working with kids.