J. Colin Petersen, President/CEO

J. has been helping people leverage technology to get the most out of the resources they have for all of his life. When he was seven years old he fixed a broken turntable so his Mom could listen to Fleetwood Mac. At twelve, he repaired a friend’s broken Atari 2600 so he could play Yar’s Revenge. In his first post-McDonald’s job, he was hired by Fresno Unified School District as a bilingual instructional aid but his skills were discovered and his was given the newly created position of technical support for Sequoia Middle School’s computer network. He also became very popular with the teachers and administrators for his ability to troubleshoot their home computers and spouse’s business networks, and a side-income was born.

He soon launched his own business and over the next 19 years, as “The Geeks™ Computer Service” J. helped 17,000+ end users with their computer repair problems. As he became more successful, he also became more aware of the difficult path that business owners had in front of them and soon applied his process-building skills to helping business clients. By the end of 2013, 70% of his company revenue came from business network support and the decision was made to change the business model and brand.

On August 5th, 2014, J – I.T. Outsource was officially launched. J is the brand and I.T. Outsource is what we do. J.’s talent for predicting trends meant he was ready for a change from a business that was consumer-oriented with a pop-culture tone to an organization, a team and a brand that is serious, efficient and sleek.

As a businessman, J. Colin Petersen is completely fulfilling his great passion for finding new ways to automate work processes for his own business and his clients. He seeks out, (learns to use them in his own business) and then launches new technologies which help his business clients leverage their productivity through the roof. He loves to create a business and technical infrastructure where none existed before. He finds great satisfaction in creating an environment where his team can be successful in making his clients successful. When he helps a client find saving in time or money where they were convinced there was none to find, J. knows that he’s contributing to the success of the entire community.

He is the author of the book, “Win With Technology: 5 Critical Strategies to Implement Technologies That Grow Your Business, Keep Computer Guys from Ripping You Off, & Help You Crush Your Competition EVERY TIME,” which is available on Amazon.com (or call him to find out how you might just get a free copy).

In his spare time, J. has created a unique system for developing and rewarding in-house talent. He began by creating an environment where team members are encouraged to think like entrepreneurs. He then developed a proprietary internal training and testing system which rewards employees for investing in their own skills, paying technical staff not according to their titles but their ability to contribute to the team.

J. has a degree in English from CSU Fresno. He has been recognized as a community leader by many organizations including the Clovis Chamber of Commerce which appointed him to the Board of Director and awarded The Geeks™ the 2010 Small Business of the Year. J. was named the 2011 Volunteer of the Year by the Small Business Administration’s Central Valley SCORE and has been listed as one of Business Street Online’s 40 Under 40.

J. works at becoming efficient and effective in running his business so he can spend more time with his patient and kind wife, Jennifer, and be present for his sons, Aaron and Tyler, as they grow into compassionate, hard-working men who add value to society. His hobbies include peppering his conversations with as many movie quotes and geek-culture references as possible and being frustrated by his favorite baseball team. #GoGiants