Darryl Dote, Web Designer

When Darryl joined our team from the ARTCO acquisition in April 2015, his soft-spoken and low key style made us wonder if he was going to be constantly over-ridden by the rest of our loud, boisterous team. We soon found out that it was worth hushing up to hear his witty remarks and puckish quips.

We also learned that asking him to resize your newest certificate meant you’d probably get two versions; the real one and the Photoshopped “interpretation” which usually sneaks its way onto the breakroom refrigerator without your knowledge.

All kidding aside, Darryl is a dedicated, thoughtful, and creative professional who brings a tremendous design and marketing sensibility to everything he works on.

He grew up in Orange County, the epicenter of all things California. He didn’t surf, so he solidified his SoCal street cred with a job at Disneyland, where he developed a great appreciation for the park and the creative minds behind the Disney empire.

He graduated from the Orange County School of the Arts with an emphasis in piano and musical theater. Since moving to the Valley, he’s enhanced his education with certificates in design and fine arts from the Clovis Community College Center.

Darryl uses Photoshop, Illustrator, and the Adobe Creative Suite to create the images, color schemes, and design elements for our clients websites. He also has a very keen marketing sensibility and works with our Vice President of Digital Identity, Beth Bridges, to create sites that look great and accomplish business goals for our clients.

He stays current on design trends and uses his understanding of marketing, communications, and demographics to meld form and function into a terrific website “look and feel.”

Darryl has been married to his wife Jen, for 12 years. They have three children: Matthew, Jacob, and Danae.

When he’s not exercising his creative chops with us, he’s playing the piano for several local churches and is the Music Director for the New Wrinkles show at Fresno City College. He’s been the accompanist for well-known artists including Chad Doreck, Scott Barnhardt, and Matthew Morrison (from Glee). We haven’t heard him play yet, but we expect he wields a mean “B knuckle 7” chord.