Daniel Sanders, Service Coordinator

Daniel is an all-star team-player on many levels. He played varsity football for three years in high school and was named an “All County” player. He made the all-county team for two years and played in the City/County all-star game. Because football wasn’t tough enough, he also played rugby for two years with the Fresno Rugby Club

In contrast to this rough-and-tumble background, he is kind, thoughtful, and thoroughly enjoys making our clients’ day better. He’s proud to be given the responsibility to be the first person that our clients talk to when they call for service.

“I love it when I can get someone to laugh at how energetic my greeting is at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning,” says Daniel. It makes him happy to make you happy.

He feels like the tech world hasn’t done enough talking about the people who make the industry run, so he works hard to bring extra humanity to the business.

Daniel comes from an extensive coaching, sales, and customer support background and is applying every one of those skills to his position as our Client Service Ambassador.

Daniel has not only been applying his energy to helping our clients, he’s been applying his considerable smarts to learning more about the digital identity side of ARTCO by J. He’s fascinated by the factors that Google uses to rank web sites and – because he’s been helping with a lot of the “pick and shovel” work – is impressed by just how much work goes into the research and link-building side of website rankings.

He’s a Fresno State Bulldog fan, of course, but also loves the history behind the Notre Dame program. He insists that he’s not a recent bandwagon fan of the Philadelphia Eagles; he started watching them nearly 20 years ago. His favorite players are also all-stars: Brian Dawkins and J.J. Watts.

When he’s not working or spending time with his fiancee Arianna, he – predictably – likes to watch a lot of football and play video games. Less predictably, he has the unusual hobby of building miniature windmills. We’re sure they’re all-star quality, just like everything else Daniel does.