Dan Kirk, Systems Engineer

Dan discovered that his knack for knowing when to stick with the plan and when to throw out time-worn ideas translated extremely well to the computer networking world when he joined the industry nine years ago. As the Systems Engineer for J – I.T. Outsource, Dan always gets the job done no matter what it takes.

Dan started with the team 5 years ago, and has earned his CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications, and is a J Certified Systems Engineer.

He has a talent for finding the source of elusive problems such as the infamous credit card machine that was hogging all the internet bandwidth. It’s one of the things he likes the most about the I.T. service business – each day is different and brings him to a new learning experience. Which is good, because within in his specialty of system-building and migration, each network is completely different with its own set of problems and challenges.

Dan is very proud of J – I.T. Outsource’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of the company. As he should be! Dan is a big part of our highly rated client service. Clients are always happy to see Dan in their office because they know he’s going to solve their problems and treat them as friends while he’s doing it.

Dan is a foodie. Ask him and he’ll know the best lunch spot for your tastes. Dan cooks fantastic BBQ for his friends, his amazing wife Naomi, and his adventuresome daughter Shae. He is locally famous for his homemade marshmallows. He enjoys camping with the family and the BBQ, and is an accomplished student of Gracie Ju Jitsu, which he has nearly had to use on more than one network printer.