Cameron Graham, Business Development Specialist

Cameron had already found great satisfaction in working with systems in the technical and detail-oriented field of real estate finance and managing when he connected with us at J –  I.T. Outsource. Appropriately enough, he came to us through his willingness to reach out and see if we had problems he could solve.

His Bachelor’s Degree is in Real Estate Finance, which is often a source of some of the most Byzantine and complicated financing problems you can experience. Now, he’s applying his love for problem-solving and technology toward finding companies who are suffering with bad I.T. outsourcing or incapable in-house I.T. support and bringing them on board here.

He brings a boisterous, friendly enthusiasm to the office and takes that out to the business community. As with so many of our team members, he also has customer-service experience which fits right in with our philosophy of bringing great, friendly service to the I.T. world.

So far, we’ve discovered that he watches anime(Japanese animation), is a photography and A/V geek, and a gym junkie. He’s also a car guy and enjoys cooking.

People tell him he looks a lot like Buster Posey, except he smiles a whole lot more.