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“Our team absolutely loves working here. If you’re the type of person who sets high standards for yourself, has a great attitude, and is eager to take your knowledge and passion for technology to the next level, you’ll love it here too.”
J. Colin Petersen, President & CEO

First, a little about us... We are a locally-owned and long-established Managed IT Services firm in Clovis, CA. We solve business problems with technology. This is an exciting time for us because we are looking to add you, an amazing, experienced I.T. Specialist, to our team.

You will be a crucial element in keeping countless businesses up and running on a daily basis. You’ll be responsible for leading a team of technicians and engineers in troubleshooting and performing maintenance on hardware and software for business computer systems, training and documenting at the user level, and contributing solutions to the I.T. community.

IT / Help Desk Specialist
Employment Type: Full Time
Benefits Offered: Vision, Medical, & Dental

A successful Help Desk Specialist is:

  • An Excellent Communicator
  • An Innovative Problem Solver
  • Perseverant despite ambiguity
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • An enthusiastic leader
  • Client-service oriented
  • Professionally experienced (5+ Years in I.T.)

The best candidate has 5 or more years’ experience with

  • remote control tools (LogMeIn, TeamViewer, etc.),
  • the installation and use of most common office software (Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, etc.),
  • installation of printer drivers and printer software,
  • management of user credentials (Active Directory, User Accounts),
  • user account management of Email/Exchange, and
  • installation and use of malware mitigation software (antivirus and antispyware software).
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We've Got Your Perks

We promote a positive, innovative culture where you’ll be genuinely valued for your effort, your ideas, and your “madd skillz.” This is a company where team members are constantly shown the love and appreciation they deserve. In addition to great pay and benefits, you’ll frequently be celebrated for a job well done, treated to group lunches and free drinks, and even have the chance to challenge your boss to a game of “Street Fighter” on one of our many old-school arcade machines. No, not kidding.

Now it's your turn.

So here’s the catch—we already know you “love technology,” and we’re sure “I.T. really is your passion.” But the problem is, we’ve heard it a million times, and saying it just isn’t enough. We need proof. So in addition to your resume, send us a snapshot, a testimonial from a friend, a YouTube video, your blog, a dramatic poem, your old diary, an arts and crafts project you made when you were nine… anything that can demonstrate how you truly do walk the walk. We can’t wait to get to know you and the remarkable skills and experience that you’ll bring to our team.

A minimum of 3 Years relevant, hands-on experience is required to be considered.