Security Updates and Asset Protection Checklist: Stop Ransomware, Server Failure, Employee Errors, and Other Data Disasters from Ruining Your Business

Find Out the Complete List of Protections You MUST Have in Place

Feel safe because you’ve got a few things in place to protect your business data? Hackers, cyberthieves, viruses, ransomware, and even employees are constantly putting your information and your business at risk of losing everything. Anti-virus, firewalls, and data backups are the absolute bare minimum … for a small, one-person business that maybe depends more on paper than data.

But if you have employees, a network, and anything of value stored on your server (financial data, client files, employee or customer personal identification), then we’re certain you’re not doing enough to protect your system.

Our Asset Protection Checklist is a comprehensive guide to everything you could (and should) have in place to protect your business. If you’re missing even one of these things, you’ve got an open hole where attackers, hackers, and even employees could intentionally or accidentally reach in and ruin your business.

Then, we’ll make sure you get security updates by email when there’s a new virus outbreak, a dangerous ransomware development, or other timely security issues that you MUST know about.

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