Auto Alerting

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know you were going to have a heart attack before it actually happens?  Wouldn’t it be even better if you could use that knowledge to prevent it from happening?

That’s exactly how our auto-alerting works.  Thousands of little software probes keep an eye on the various bits and pieces of your network and all of the computer components that make it up.  It’s mind-boggling how dynamic your business network is, but our network management robots will actively keep an eye on all of those thousands of details.

Then, as if by magic, one of two things happens:

1.) Our little robots just fix whatever is wrong automatically.
2.) If human intervention is required, the alerting function lets us know and our expert engineers fix the problem in the background.

This results in a healthier network, and reduces your chance of downtime to nearly zero.

And, it’s key to our reputation as the best I.T. support for your dollar.

Here’s a short list of things our auto-alerting robots look out for:

  • Failing hardware and hardware errors
  • Disk space emergencies
  • Over-taxed CPU’s
  • Failed backups
  • Virus attacks
  • Infected website links
  • SPAM (especially the malicious kind)
  • Outside hacking attempts

All of these things, if not kept properly in check, can take down your network and ruin your business.

We’ll catch these problems early and fix them without you ever knowing or being bothered, and then we’ll prepare a detailed report every month to let you know what we caught AFTER the threats have been eradicated.