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They Didn’t Want to Be Treated Like a Hot Potato Anymore

When owner Tony Pasco and his team had a computer problem, his software vendors would tell them it was I.T. problem. Tony would call their old I.T. company only to get told it was a software issue and he’d have to call the vendor. No one would take responsibility.

Until Tony reached out to us at J – I.T. Outsource.

Sebring West Automotive Center

"It's a real load off me. Everybody on my staff knows they can just call when they have a computer problem. I don't have to do anything!"

Tony Pasco

Tony Pasco, owner of Sebring West Automotive Center, has been running a business that specializes in foreign auto repairs for 43 years. He and his team are very, very good at repairs and customer service – they’ve won a Fresno Bee People’s Choice Award for the last two years.

So why would they try to manage their own computer network? Because it’s a very common pitfall that so many business owners get pushed into.


Modern Business Requires Specialized Knowledge

It usually starts with an employee who has some kind of interest in computers. They volunteer to work on the system and next thing you know, they’re spending half their time in the network.
For Sebring West, it was an outside sales guy. Half his time was spent on IPAs (Income Producing Activities) and the other half trying to be a network administrator. We know he wasn’t good at that and he probably wasn’t a great salesman either.

So when the guy left the organization, Tony had a network with no documentation that no one else had the time or inclination to work on. They tried to do it themselves, then asked around and had a “friend of a friend” work on it for a while, but that just wasn’t working either.


The Power of Referrals and References

A customer of Tony’s knew that he was struggling with finding reliable, affordable I.T. services. That friend knew about us, made the referral and when we got in touch with Tony, he was glad to hear from us.

“I wanted to know if I might be familiar with any of your clients,” says Tony, “I was referred to John Ostlund because The Jewel FM, KJWL, is one of J –  I.T. Outsource’s clients. When I called John, he gave you a great review. John said he didn’t have to mess with anything and hiring J. took a load off of him and his staff. I called J., we got started and it’s been great ever since!”


Didn’t Want to Be Treated Like a Hot Potato

So many of our clients discovered what this feels like before they found us. They’d call a vendor and the vendor would tell them it was I.T. problem. They’d dutifully call their I.T. company who would predictably tell them it was a software issue and that they needed to call the provider. “But I just did that!” the client would say. If it was possible to hear a shrug over the phone, they would know what it sounded like.

We never treat a client like that. We’ll make phone calls, sit on hold, chase down someone with the vendor company who can take responsibility … whatever it takes to get the problem fixed. Tony discovered this when he made a change in telecomm providers.

“This is a big deal. It was going to be a royal pain until you guys jumped right there into the thick of it,” says Tony. That’s what we do! No one puts our clients in an on-hold corner.


Team Confidence is High

One of the headaches many businesses suffer from is when staff members can’t handle problems on their own. We’re not only bringing control and empowerment to the business owner but to their team. Since our service is a flat fee no matter how many issues they have or calls they make, team members can call us and get immediate service without having to get authorization or worry about the cost to the organization.

“It’s a real load off me,” says Tony, “Everybody on staff has the number and they know who to call when they have a computer problem.” And Tony doesn’t have to worry about it getting done.


Ancient Computers Causing Chaos

Tony had been working with 10 to 15-year-old computers, half of them on Windows 2000. No wonder Sebring West had ongoing problems, slow systems and declining usability of their system. Windows 2003 is about to be dropped from Microsoft support. Over the next three years, we started with the most critical systems, gradually upgrading all his boxes so that now Tony is running modern equipment throughout his organization.

While our goal is to monitor the system and be so proactive that the client doesn’t even know there was a problem, there are still issues that can’t be avoided in any system. But newer computers are far less volatile and create far fewer disruptions. We’re able to more quickly trouble-shoot and more easily manage the system.

It helps us get Tony closer and closer to his ideal I.T. management solution. “I appreciate you and your team so much. Especially when you bring me nice pies. But my best case scenario is for you to get everything under control so much so that I never even have to talk to you, have you come out, or do anything! Just let me send you a check each month!”