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"Reduced Our I.T. Expenses by $45,000"

A complex network requires a professional I.T. person to manage it. That’s what Fahrney thought they had in their previous computer guy – at least that is what they were paying for. That is why they were so surprised to find out that their server was just “hanging” on. If their server died it would have put them down for two weeks, resulting in thousands of dollars lost.

Luckily the Fahrney Family called us when they did. We showed them how they were being overcharged and underappreciated by their existing I.T. guy. Then we showed them that they no longer have to wait weeks for a technician to show up or have a server room that looked like a rat’s nest.

Fahrney Automotive Group

I appreciate how you are able to help me even when I have to leave; you got the job done through remote!

Patty Fahrney
Leveraging Remote Access

Fahrney Auto Group – The I.T. Equivalent of Munchausen by Proxy

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is a very serious condition, and we’re not using the term lightly. It involves an abusive or attention seeking caregiver who intentionally keeps the person in his or her care sick.  This is probably the most accurate way of describing the Fahrney Group’s network.  Their previous computer “professional” was (either purposefully or just neglectfully) keeping their network sick.

A Huge Mess

The previous guy was smart – but had no concept of how to implement industry standards on such a large scale.  As a result, many solutions were half implemented, and the electronic equivalent of bailing wire and duct tape was found in many cases.  This is a place where productivity and sales reigns supreme, yet the computer network was held together on a wish and a promise.

This isn’t bathtub gin we’re making here!  This is a high-energy, high-stakes business where even a moment of downtime means thousands of dollars in lost opportunity.

It wasn’t Fahrney’s fault! When you hire a professional to do a job, you expect they are going to know what they are doing!!! To a degree, this guy knew how to figure things out.  Like we said, he was pretty smart.  The biggest problem was that certain things that were put in place would never have been put in place if he knew how to manage a network this complex.  Consequently, it resulted in needless service calls to maintain “solutions” that should have never required maintenance, and neglected those systems that should have been maintained and managed all along.

You can’t build a reliable network with this kind of “ready, SHOOT, aim…” mentality.

J –  I.T. Outsource Lowered the Bill, and Brought Industry Standards!

Not only were we able to come in and create some order to the network (and believe us, there was a LOT to hunt down and figure out), but everything we put in place followed strict industry standards.  This fixed a number of problems, but chief among them was to eliminate needless service calls for managing their web content.

Fahrney was used to calling multiple times per week, and waiting up to 5 days just to add a supported site to their list of approved sites.  Of course, their previous I.T. guy had a very unconventional way of managing these “approved sites” that required a lot of his own personal time to manage this “backwoods” solution he’d implemented.  It worked, but barely.  And it was costly in lost productivity and waiting for him to respond to requests.

Also, computer maintenance problems were falling through the cracks.  The servers were dying in the background, with failing hard drives that had gone undetected.  A faulty server would have resulted in two weeks of downtime for Fahrney, and that risk was one of the first we detected upon taking on this challenge.  So while the previous guy was busy adding websites to the list of “acceptable content,” this server was a silent killer.

Keeping the Staff from Wasting Time

J –  I.T. Outsource implemented an appropriate way of managing their content.  It had the huge benefit of not requiring on-site man hours to manage, plus, was a lot more appropriate for what Fahrney was trying to accomplish.

Since then, the content filter has undergone two revisions, based on the growing needs of the organization.  Now, use reports, managerial overrides, and user-based authentication tells management who has been surfing the Internet for what reason, how much time is being spent on these sites, and controls whether the site they’re on is legitimate or not.

No More Ticking Time Bomb

We put in place a system that catches and alerts us of any imminent failures on the horizon so that our team can catch them before they take down the whole network.  Using these technologies, we were able to replace the server and properly migrate it just in the nick of time!  More importantly, we put in place a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity system that takes hourly snapshots of the entire system, so if the server decides one day to just “throw its keys on the desk and say ‘I ain’t comin’ in no more!’” the system will take over and get the facility back up and running within an hour, instead of 10 days or more while the server is being repaired.  Plus, it’s all safely and securely replicated offsite in case of a total catastrophe. Now that’s business continuity!



  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • On Premise Exchange
  • Comprehensive SPAM Filtering
  • Server Replication
  • Unified Threat Management / Firewall Management
  • Mobile Device Support
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Appliance
  • Content Filtering

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Thank you so much! I appreciate that you were able to help me even when I had to leave and you got the job done through remote!

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