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“We Just Wanted Our Problems Fixed”

The leadership team at Dalena / Benik & Associates had wanted managed I.T. services because they didn’t want to have to deal with daily provlems. They thought that’s what they were getting when they signed on with their old I.T. company.

Instead, they had to deal with a constant stream of “additional problems” that – of course! – cost “additional” fees.

Dalena / Benik & Associates

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"What I really like about J - I.T. Outsource is that we no longer have to think about our system all the time. It's there and it works the way we need it to."

Doug Benik

Playing “Mother  May I?”

Do you remember this kid’s game? The “mother” tells a player to take “5 baby steps” or “3 giant steps” but they must ask “Mother may I?” before they can take a step, otherwise they have to go back to the starting line.

It’s fun for little kids because they laugh at themselves when they eagerly move and then realize they forgot to ask for permission. It’s not so fun when you’re an adult and your business is having to play that game with a vendor.

Dalena / Benik & Associates just wanted things to work. They wanted to get rid of their ongoing computer network problems, but the I.T. firm they had been working with wanted to play. It was a game which took up too much time and cost too much money.


A Common Industry Rip-Off

It’s a familiar scheme. An I.T. company will sign on a new client at a very low monthly rate for “monitoring only.” Then, if something needs to be fixed, they confirm with the client first and charge on an hourly rate for the maintenance or repairs. Sounds good, right? The client appears to have a great deal of control over what gets done and how their expenses are incurred.

The problem is that there can be dozens if not hundreds of alerts every week for a complicated network. Low memory. High CPU usage. Server restarted. Site not communicating. Some of these are critical. Others – with the right software in place – can be self-fixing or automatically adjusted. These issues should be addressed by the managed service provider without ever bothering the client.

These are the daily issues and problems that you hire an I.T. firm to handle for you. Not ask you for permission every time. And especially to not charge you for each and every little thing.

The end result is that the client, not the I.T. firm, spends far too much of their time and energy making decisions that the I.T. firm should be handling as part of their service. It’s one of the “scams” we’ve revealed in our on-going radio ad series. You can hear it for yourself at


“Just Fix Our Problems”

Doug Benik, President of Dalena / Benik & Associates just wanted their problems fixed.

“We had what we thought were managed services, but there were still too many things going wrong,” says Doug, “We were continually having to deal with the same problems, over and over. We didn’t have time for all these recurring issues.”

But that’s exactly what can happen with monitoring only. The I.T. firm will call the client for every single issue and ask them if they want it fixed. “Hi, this is Dewey, Cheatum and Howe, your I.T. firm. We’ve noticed that you’ve got heavy CPU usage. Would you like us to index the online EXE sensor? That should compress the FTP driver. Otherwise you could have serious problems with the multi-byte PCI capacitor.”

The client, not having a degree in computer-generated tech jargon, having hired the I.T. firm to handle this in the first place, can only agree to have the work done. Especially if that I.T. firm is good at making the nonsense sound urgent. We’ve had a peek at some of our competitors’ itemized invoices and they are definitely making stuff up.


What They Were Really Getting

Dale Thompson, Commercial Lines Manager, says, “We thought we were getting full service and that we had a good I.T. firm, then we found out what we were really getting.”

The team at Dalena / Benik & Associates needed to spend time servicing their clients, not answering pseudo-panicked phone calls from their I.T. firm. Nobody likes getting bad news and with this method, it’s a constant stream of incoming problems. The whole point of having managed services is to prevent as many problems as possible from happening in the first place. And to make you feel more confident about your network, not less.


Finally Getting True Managed Services

The old  I.T. firm was presenting themselves as a managed services company, but their actual offering was a lot closer to the old, outdated “break – fix” model. When we showed Doug how managed services is supposed to really work, he knew that’s what Dalena / Benik & Associates was looking for.

“We weren’t price shopping, we just wanted to get rid of all the problems we were still having,” says Doug Benik. “What I really like about working with J – I.T. Outsource is that we no longer have to think about our system all the time. It’s there and it works the way we need it to.”

That’s what great I.T. companies should be doing for a client. Making them more confident about the stability of their network. Monitoring and maintaining the system so there are fewer preventable problems. Freeing up the client’s time and energy to do what they do best while we do what we do best.

“Every once in a while, people from the old company would argue with our people here. There are no attitudes from anyone at J. We can tell that the team at J –  I.T. Outsource is a high caliber of qualified people who always listen to us,” says Doug.

Thanks Doug! We love hearing that your system works the way you need it to and how our team takes great care of your team.


"What I really like about J - I.T. Outsource is that we no longer have to think about our system all the time. It's there and it works the way we need it to."

Doug Benik